Museum Management Consultants, Inc.

Consultants to Cultural Organizations

An effective board that works in partnership with executive leadership is key to non-profit organizational advancement and excellence.


MMC will work with your board to provide ideas and insights designed to

  • Invigorate board member participation
  • Boost board effectiveness and communication
  • Set expectations
  • Improve overall board management


MMC can work with your organization to undertake a board assessment, facilitate board development workshops, and create customized tools that build consensus and strengthen the work of your governing body.


MMC also works with new cultural institutions to develop Governance Plans that outline recruitment and orientation policies, board member and officer roles and responsibilities, meeting structure, committee composition, and ongoing board development and evaluation procedures.


MMC utilizes a variety of board development tools customized for your organization:

  • Board self-assessment and ongoing evaluation surveys
  • Board commitment contract
  • Board member and officer job descriptions
  • Guidelines for financial oversight
  • Presentation on 21st Century museums


Contact Adrienne Horn, President of MMC, at 415-982-2288 x12 or