Museum Management Consultants, Inc.

Consultants to Cultural Organizations

Museum Management Consultants, Inc. (MMC) is committed to bringing excellence to cultural organizations. We believe that only with excellent leadership can this be accomplished.

MMC is different than firms that focus exclusively on executive search, because search is only one aspect of our work with cultural organizations. MMC also conducts in-depth organizational assessments, institutional planning projects, and audience research. We have a deep understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader in the cultural setting, and we know which of our colleagues in the field may be appropriate for your consideration. MMC conducts searches for:

  • Executive Directors
  • Deputy / Associate Directors
  • Development Directors
  • Other Department Heads


Please contact MMC to inquire about our services and active searches.



Note: MMC provides executive searches for institutional clients; we do not represent individual job seekers. If you are a professional in the cultural field and would like to be added to our database for consideration in future searches, email your resume to