Museum Management Consultants, Inc.

Consultants to Cultural Organizations

MMC Executive Search identifies, recruits, and secures excellent, 21st Century leaders for museums and cultural organizations.


MMC has a deep understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader in today’s rapidly evolving cultural setting, and works closely with Boards, staff, and stakeholders to seamlessly represent your organization in the search process.


MMC is unlike other executive search firms.

  • Laser focus on museums and cultural organizations
  • Up-to-date knowledge of museum and cultural organization planning and operations
  • 30+ years of experience
  • Broad and deep network of professionals with leadership experience in museums and other cultural organizations
  • Affordable and efficient, with a flat fee structure


MMC's unique executive search process is designed to attract and recruit qualified candidates who fit the culture and highest aspirations of the organization.

  • Expert assessment is conducted to align the opportunity with organizational goals
  • Job description is written to market not only the position but the organization
  • Traditional media, museum and cultural associations, and social media, as well as professional contacts are used to get the word out and actively recruit stellar candidates
  • MMC requests that candidates complete a series of assignments which provide the Search Committee with real insight into each individual
  • Candidates are thoroughly reviewed, including early reference checking, prior to presentation of the candidate slate to the client
  • MMC works with the client to coordinate on-site candidate visits, and stewards the search process up to and through hiring negotiations


MMC is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all search practices, from advising on the make-up of the Search Committee, to candidate recruitment, vetting, and final slate.


MMC conducts searches for:

  • Executive Directors
  • Deputy / Associate Directors
  • Senior Curators
  • Heads of Education
  • Other Department Heads


MMC is your partner in selecting leaders with ability and passion, to build a relevant, sustainable, and impactful future for your museum and cultural organization.



Please contact MMC to inquire about our services and active searches.


Note: MMC provides executive searches for institutional clients; we do not represent individual job seekers. If you are a professional in the cultural field and would like to be added to our database for consideration in future searches, email your resume to