Museum Management Consultants, Inc.

Consultants to Cultural Organizations

Every organization is unique in its culture and circumstance. The Museum Management Consultants, Inc. (MMC) approach to planning is specifically tailored for each client so that the resulting plans are both ambitious and achievable.

Whether you are building a new institution or are in a period of organizational transition, MMC will guide you through a planning process that builds consensus and leads to action. MMC’s planning services include:

Strategic Plans

An MMC strategic plan will provide a clear roadmap for your organization. A strategic plan will not only document your vision, mission, and core values, but also will establish specific goals and measurable objectives to be carried out over the next three to five years.

In addition to directing your operations and programs, your strategic plan can also be an important tool for ensuring organizational accountability. Many MMC clients use their strategic plan as a basis for staff and board evaluation. Others find it valuable in demonstrating to current and potential contributors how their dollars can fulfill institutional priorities.

Is Strategic Planning Still Relevant? MMC Breaks it Down

Click here for an excerpt of an MMC strategic plan

Business Plans

MMC business planning will help you form a comprehensive understanding of the financial implications of your future growth and sustainability. MMC will provide you with recommendations for realistic revenue and operating expenses based on the size and location of your facility, the needs of your programs, and profiles of comparable organizations.

Since personnel account for approximately 50% of costs in the typical cultural organization, it is important to accurately plan for the number and type of staff required for your operation. MMC business plans also include staffing plans complete with organizational charts, job descriptions, and salary ranges.

Governance Plans

Governance is one of the issues cited most frequently as a factor limiting nonprofit organizational advancement and excellence. If your organization is facing these issues, MMC can work with your leadership and governing authorities to examine organizational structure and roles and responsibilities. MMC can also help establish governance structures for newly formed cultural organizations, including clarifying ethical and fiscal responsibilities.  In addition, MMC has particular expertise and experience in working with public-private partnerships.

Marketing Plans

Building larger and more diverse audiences requires strategic marketing efforts, and a well-developed marketing plan will set you in the right direction. An MMC marketing plan will provide:

  • A positioning strategy for your organization, including consistent messages for communicating with your target audiences
  • An action plan that outlines key marketing tactics, as well as resources required to carry out the plan

Visitor Experience Plans

One of the most important components to planning a cultural attraction is to define your visitor experience. MMC, in partnership with associate consultants specializing in visitor experience and exhibition design, will work with you to develop engaging exhibits, interactive elements, and educational programs for your target audiences. We also recommend conducting audience research as the visitor experience is being developed to ensure that the concepts and programs are attractive, compelling, and meet your visitors’ needs.

Feasibility Studies & Master Plans

Feasibility studies and master plans are comprehensive processes that guide the long-term operational, programmatic, and physical development of an organization. Typically, a feasibility study is undertaken to examine the potential of a project, while a master plan is intended to guide the project forward. MMC most often creates feasibility studies and master plans for organizations that are evolving, expanding, or undertaking a renovation. We also work with municipalities to develop plans for cultural organizations as part of an overall economic redevelopment strategy.

Feasibility studies and master plans can include strategic plans, business plans, and visitor experience plans, as well as facility plans, market analyses, and fundraising studies. MMC partners with additional associate consultants—including architects, economists, and fundraisers—to provide you with a comprehensive team of experts.